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Practising Faith during COVID-19

As much as religion is taken to be a sensitive topic all over the world and how people have always been reluctant in bringing changes in their rituals, beliefs and practices, the global pandemic has surely turned things upside down. There has been a revocation of pilgrimages, services, festivals or any other practice that could…
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COVID-19 and Worsening Mental Health

By Devyanshi Gairola The widespread outbreak and prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to the significant worsening of pre-existing mental health conditions in a multitude of ways. Ever since the beginning of the unprecedented virus, there have been a plethora of disruptive alterations in our lifestyles. To begin with, the simplest of joys in…
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Love, in the Time of Corona

– Mansura Amdad The world is in shambles at this moment. Never before did I feel so helpless and so panicked to see the deluge that has taken over the world. As a person who has been studying wars, understanding conflicts and working on how to resolve these problems through negotiations and by means of…
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