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The Crossroads of Faith

By Nadia O’Brien If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that when nature hit us with all that it could, it did not discriminate. It did not yield. Covid-19 has done us all in, irrespective of whether we are black, brown, Caucasian or Asian, rich or poor, differently-abled or not, man, woman or child,…
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The Day When This Will Be Over

By Sharanya Have you made promises to your loved ones that you would make sure to embrace each moment you spent with them post lockdown? Have you equipped yourself with a list of things you would do, once this quarantine comes to an end? I am sure you have. If not, let me talk about…
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Love, in the Time of Corona

– Mansura Amdad The world is in shambles at this moment. Never before did I feel so helpless and so panicked to see the deluge that has taken over the world. As a person who has been studying wars, understanding conflicts and working on how to resolve these problems through negotiations and by means of…
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