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COVID-19: An Alarm Bell to Reinvigorate the Environment

~ Khushi Koul COVID-19, an unprecedented crisis with catastrophic impact on both livelihoods and lives of folks across the globe, has been a major blow for the world economy and has made more than 25 million people its prey till date. However, it has evidently benefited nature, and its resources in ways no devised mechanisms…
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This Time, it is for ‘Mother’ Nature

~ By Disha Mishra The year 2020, is unfortunately not a normal one. The entire world is battling a life-threatening virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and disease has turned the earth upside down bringing most of the activities to a standstill. Everything is in doldrums but nature. The planet seems to have…
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Earth Day- A Significant yet Trivialized Festival

Siya Bindal Why are festivals bracketed with some sort of a culture or religion? A festival is a day of celebration ergo, Earth day should also be celebrated with an equal amount of ardour as any other festival for, it is a global festival that is not associated with a culture or a religion. Human…
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