Padmini Ghosh: Editors to the blog

She is a lawyer based on her qualifications and likes to understand law from a social science perspective. She has also studied Political Science and Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding. Her interests lie in inter and cross-disciplinary studies of law, human rights, gender studies and conflict, and peace studies. When not thinking and reading about restorative and transitional justice, she likes to travel, read, cook, eat and listen to music while looking at possible “connectors/bridges” between people of various communities through these avenues. She is currently serving Women’s Regional Network, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan in her capacity as country coordinator.

At URI, she’s looking forward to learn positive stories and different means of inter-community engagements to cater to the ‘compulsive connector’ in her. She hopes to contribute in this regard by looking at various and multiple voices speaking for solidarity through the blog-Khwaeesh and create an online space for constructive dialogue and expression.