Indu Prakash Singh (Author, Spiritual-Social Activist)

“MEMBER of the SLSMC – State Level Shelter Monitoring Committee for Progress of Shelter for Urban Homeless in Delhi (appointed by GNCTD, on the Orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, under W P (C) 55 and 572 of 2003)
In the troubled times of today, world over there seems to be the tide of hatred which seems to be overpowering all sensibilities and the ethos of love, care and concern. This tide would have become a typhoon / tsunami but for the efforts of the URI: United Religions Initiative. It’s such a lovely touch of love, care, justice, equity, dignity and respect for all faiths in the world, that makes URI standout from rest of the peace efforts (those efforts too are very significant). I’ve been a part of these efforts of URI in India and have seen the magic of it work. Every religion contains love for all, and URI, through its activities, is spreading this essence in the nook and corner of this love-starved, violence-ridden, my religion right-yours wrong dissonance. URI indeed is the need of the hour and I love it for its contribution to the rich tapestry of this world called humanity, on planet Earth!”