Subhi Dhupar

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” – Mother Teresa
We are standing on the Edge! A little more push could lead to an entire collapse of humanity. It’s not just the forces of divisiveness, chaos, violence, hatred, selfishness, and destruction that are pervading around us. It is also coupled with increased insecurities, fear, and distrust among ordinary people- the likes of you and I. While those selfish and hungry by nature tend to concentrate power and resources in their hands and which isn’t going to stop anytime soon in all likelihood; it seems like a distant dream at the moment to imagine a world that interacts differently with time.
It is this moment that cannot be wasted and left unaddressed. It needs to be siezed- Carpe Diem!
Carpe Diem! Its time to revolutionize love, its time to stand together, its time to listen to the calling of mother nature to bring about real and substantial change. It is time to go beyond ornamental displays and celebratory speeches to listen to the awakening and adhere to the call for change. The time is here to empower, uphold, and cherish the power of WE that lies in the strength of the grassroots community. Bottom-up change that comes from within and by the people like you and me will only be able to create a sustained and stronger structure that can withstand negative forces of these difficult times.
It is with this spirit of US our North India and Afghanistan network has grown steadily, courageously and impact-fully to focus on nourishing the network and relationship building amongst communities that can support itself beyond resource constraints. It is in spirit to create cultures of peace that we have together worked in challenging and life-threatening eco-systems to improve the quality of life of many. It is for justice and reconciliation that we address multiple facets of peace-building centered around 14 action areas much contrary to the bookshelf definition of peace. And last but not the least, it is for healing and togetherness that our family of peace-builders, the soldiers of change and harmony continue to commune, grow and strengthen through our in-person gatherings at national and global levels. Hence as the regional coordinator, community organizer, and service person, it is my honor and privilege to invite each one of you to join and support our journey to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing for all and our nature.