Sowmya Ayyar

There is a world out there that requires a lot of peace building. We are all in it, and yet it is hardly ever that we remember to take care of ourselves. Our body requires physical health so that we can continue the great services we are charged to do. We must each build our own inner peace and strength. The services we as individuals and CCs provide to the communities require immense passion and phenomenal love, which means a lot of external work. Yet do we remember to do the same work for ourselves? Work of CCs also requires personal care and taking time for contemplation and relaxation. When the body is ready, then the person is able to do more, serve more, give more. Only then we can continue. This means we need healing practices as well. This means, respect the self. That is why we need to have personal health. That means, learn and use the practices that URI CCs such as contemplative Life, Prafull Oorja, circle of healers, and many others are providing. URI recognizes the importance of health and wellness in the long run of serving the world, and all CC MEMBERS should continue striving for good health so that they can have a long healthy life in which their dreams of peace can become realities. Make sure you take care of your body as It allows us to serve God and the universe.