Yanni Maniates

The world we live in is severely dominated by multiple global crisis and therefore it is crucial to come forward with a new weaving of what we call “the three powerful dimensions of transformation”- spirituality, social action, and ecology. The processes and scale of transformation that needs to be weaved and inculcated cannot be achieved by groups working in isolation. Hence we need to imbibe an integrated approach of the following with new levels of interconnection, coordination and orchestration.

  • Spirituality – Spirituality has seen the rise of the interfaith movement, personal spiritual development modalities such as yoga and meditation, emerging interspirituality and the proliferation of groups dedicated to understanding and advancing consciousness.
  • Social Justice & Human Rights – There has been an explosion of groups vivaciously dedicated to working for peace, empowerment, and social equality. Such groups have covered the most ignored and sensitive issues like race, gender and sexuality thereby increasing awareness and steering action in the public discourse.
  • Ecology – The growing awareness for our Earth’s ecological situation has triggered a flowering of activists working on issues ranging from renewable energy, ocean clean-up and animal rights, to issues of reaffirming human connection within the natural ecosystems that sustain us. UNITY EARTH has major U Day Festival planned in India for the year 2019 with URI being one of its primary partners. Their activism and service will act as a model for true transformation.