Subhi Dhupar

Speaking the language of the heart and soul, the Uri family as I call the North India and Afghanistan regional members, with all their love, compassion, persistence and will through thick and thin have stood against the odd of time to create that significant change which might not reflect numbers but is creating ripples of change everyday in generations to come. Our ever growing strength in weaving relations that promotes social inclusion and transformatively address core issues of violence, exclusion, differentiation and abuse have culminated into many long term, sustainable and innovative programs as the newsletter has clearly expressed. Few other initiatives also include our blog Khwaeesh that is now internationally and nationally recognised by universities and well known interfaith e-magazines like Interfaith Observer. Contributions for which are increasingly received by ever growing number of interfaith writers and students. But as it is rightly said that the capacity to translate vision into reality cannot stem without the support and cooperation of the team and hence I take this space to express my indebtedness and heartfelt gratitude to all our member organisations, volunteers, interns, stakeholders and the supporting regional team members for making this dream of creating cultures of peace, justice and healing into a strongly rooted reality. At a time when the existence of humanity is getting challenged by innumerable problems, I lastly urge everyone to join hands for the work of peace that manifests in us and through us all.