Alice Swett

URI is a global network of grassroots peacebuilders who come together across their differences to create positive impacts in their communities. The URI network is comprised of cooperation circles (ccs), which are intentionally diverse in terms of culture, spirituality, and religion. One of our areas of strategic emphasis is to focus on building capacity within the network, and to foster leadership. Exciting new leadership has emerged in recent years in northern India and Afghanistan. URI members have hatched new ideas and have translated those ideas into meaningful experiences. CC members have conducted important projects that have resulted in significant positive community impact. CCs have modelled the importance of respectfully engaging with different kinds of people from varied circumstances. This
uplifts our Principle 7, which honors the gift of diversity by welcoming it. There have been several examples of URI activities which honor integration of different religious practices into everyday issues of society. CCs in North India have connected religious inspiration with action on humanitarian issues. New ccs have formed, new members have joined. URI members have sparked relationships with new stakeholders which have led to productive partnerships. URI members in North India join their fellow peacebuilders around the world in providing examples which inspire others to take their own steps into new possibilities, new skills and new leadership roles. Everyone’s gifts are needed as we join together in working to create cultures of peace, justice and healing. Onward!!