Holi: Not Hindu, but Hindustani

By Chaitali Verma      The colours are ready, the pichkaris are out, the gujias are done, the winter chills take a backseat welcoming the summer breeze, Holi is arriving.  Amongst all the political unrest and chaos, the pandemic, the burden of exams, the mid-semester break downs of college students, it steps in like a…
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Women in World Religions

By Vyomika Dev


By Mahreen Herath is the Kashmiri native name for Shivaratri which is the crown of Kashmiri Pandit festivals and is spread over a full fortnight of the Phalguna or February/March month. It is a socio-religious event that is very crucial for the Pandit community. Without the Herath festival, the customs and rituals of the Kashmiri…
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Strengthening your Faith- In Yourself too

By Nadia O’Brien I often look at my two dogs in wonder- they eat the same food every day, yet they do not complain, they stare at me, most of the day, yet they don’t get bored, they don’t watch tv, read books, play games on the internet, yet they are content. I am not…
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The Diaspora- A Force of Positive Change

Children on foreign land, with nervous minds and curious hearts, With diverse neighbours, The utopia of differences, And vivid memories. In the world of fear and so much at stake, The children of the earth find love and care. They find uniqueness out and within, And, togetherness wins. With new cultures, homes, and deity, Surrounding…
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A Christmas Miracle

By Riddhima Poddar “Do you mind if I spend Christmas with you?” I asked someone who I had barely known for five minutes. What I didn’t know then, however, was that it would make all the difference. Certain events in our lives leave a lasting impression. They shape our understanding of the world, how we…
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Lohri, New Beginnings and Kisans

By Ishita Dutta Lohri is a festival which is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti, on the 13th of January every year. Although it is primarily celebrated by Sikhs and Punjabis from the Punjab region in northern India, it is largely commemorated by people across cultures and faiths as they gather together as a community. …
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The Lessons of Christmas

-Nadia O’Brien Biblically speaking, Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, in a manger, in a stable, in the town of Bethlehem. It had been a long day, and an even longer night for Joseph and Mary, who went door to door looking for shelter, but there was nothing available. Finally, an innkeeper said there…
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A Little Insight Into the Diverse African Cultures

By Shreya Sherkhane The uniqueness of any human society can be distinguished by their cultures.  A total of the values that people are made up of consists of the cultures. A child is infused with its society’s culture as soon as it’s born. To define culture, it can be said to be a distinct set…
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Ghats and Diyas- Dev Diwali

By Ankita Singh As the month of Karthik (the eighth month of Hindu calendar, i.e. October-November in Gregorian calendar) is approaching, and we are stuck in this dreadful time of corona. I am reminiscent of the flavoursome festivities that this month brings along. The evenings have already started to fill the air with a distinct…
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