Cooperation Circles in North India Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Cooperation Circles in North India Celebrate International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate the social, political and economic achievements of women. Women in different parts of the world celebrate come together to celebrate one another and rally for equal treatment and representation in all spheres. This year’s campaign is represented by the #BreakTheBias and calls on people to work towards a world that is equitable, inclusive, and free from bias and discrimination. Many of URI Cooperation Circles in North India take action to break the bias round the year. Let us explore how they celebrated this day with their communities!

But before that, check out what some of our members have to say!

Mahila Chetna Kendra and Tronica City CC

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Tronica City CC and Mahila Chetna Kendra, with support from URI North India regional office came together to conduct a workshop for young women in skill development in Dera Village so that they can be financially independent and stand up for themselves. The Covid-19 pandemic adversely impacted women’s mobility and independence. It also negatively impacted their involvement in the paid workforce. Women’s participation in the Indian workforce has decreased over the years and now stands at an average of 33% in 2022. Tronica City CC and Mahila Chetna Kendra wanted to play their role in changing the numbers and help a few women get back into the workforce. Tronica City’s Manisha Jain taught women the art of hairstyling and haircutting as a viable job opportunity. Divya Tyagi, Manisha Jain and Veena Behen also discussed the importance of women empowerment with everyone present there and vowed to work more closely in the future for the development of women. Veena Didi, an important figure in women’s empowerment in North India and the Dera Village Center shared her field experience of over 40 years, opened the treasure box of women stories and also donated her hair for cancer patients to raise awareness.

Mahila Chetna Kendra and URI North India

This International Women’s Day, as we celebrate women, we celebrate their contributions to ending the COVID-19 pandemic. Their ideas, innovations and activism that are changing our world for the better, and their leadership across all walks of life. URI North India on the occasion of International Women’s Day conducted a fabric painting workshop with young women of Mahila Chetna Kendra. The women engaged in group dialogues and painted the future their group envisions for women of the center. 14 girls participated in the activity, and presented the world they wish to create for themselves.


Sahas Foundation celebrated International Women’s day at the Khushipura village in Uttar Pradesh. They conducted a Reproductive health awareness camp for more than 50 women in the village for the first time since there are no hospitals or clinics near the village. They also organised a fun sports competition for women and young girls of the village where more than 50 girls and women played tug of war, lemon race, sack race. The girls were felicitated for their performance as well!

My Perch 

My Perch celebrated International Women’s Day with women from different walks of life, giving them an opportunity to let their voice be heard. They had special activities which helped these women speak about themselves and their own experiences, followed by a round of meditation for inner peace and calm and a learning experience of clay crafting!

Nirmala Deshpande Sansthan

Nirmala Deshpande Sansthan felicitated 9 women on the occasion of women’s day for their contribution to society. These women worked to generate awareness regarding various issues at the grassroots level by visiting one household at a time! We appreciate the wonderful work they have done!

Choti Si Khushi

On the special occasion of women’s day the founder of Choti si Khushi, Ms. Namita Choudhary was felicitated with an award by Delhi Police for her exceptional contribution to society in women’s empowerment and child development. Congratulations!

Support 4 Enlightenment Foundation

On the occasion of women’s day our CC Support 4 Enlightenment Foundation introduced the #BreaktheBias campaign with women from different religious groups and communities of India. The women came together to pledge and hope for a more equal world where people, especially women, are not held down by arbitrary biases and stereotypes. The children and women of the community got together with the interfaith group of Support4Enlightenment Foundation to learn the importance of inclusion of women.

Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya

Our CC Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya and their special guest Jacintha Reema Barua from Support 4 Enlightenment CC talked with the teachers at the school to discuss their problems and wishes for a brighter future. The young girls at the school also showcased their own aspirations through drawings for desired future careers and essays on women empowerment.

Utkranti Samta

Utkranti Samta, a new CC, celebrated International Women’s Day with the women and children of Azadpur Slum in New Delhi. Women, young girls and boys came together to celebrate the occasion by understanding the lesson of equality and fairness through play.

Choti Si Khushi

The lady wing of Choti si Khushi went on a day trip to Sunder Nursery to celebrate Women’s Day. They spent the day with fun and frolic, playing games, talking to each other and ended it with a wonderful picnic and meal together.

Love Care Foundation celebrated Women’s Week saluting the strength of the women. They also inaugurated a new centre and celebrated with the women of Faridabad. Visit their website and social media pages for more details of the program!

Golden Way Peace Foundation celebrated the women they work with through the social media campaign.

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