Kids from our Cooperation Circles share what Peace means to them!

Kids from our Cooperation Circles share what Peace means to them!

People today are witness to more conflict than peace, whether the conflict is in their lives or the conflict the world faces as a whole, resulting in violence and hatred. 

But does that mean conflict has truly taken over peace? What does peace mean beyond the dictionary definition? What does it mean to different people?

To answer these questions, on the occasion of International Day of Peace, we asked the children from URI- North India’s CC what peace means to them.

Some of them shared with us just how simple yet fruitful peace can be. And some showed us just how often adults complicate the notion of peace. We also got a message of what they would want the world to look like in the future, the world they wish to grow old in. They shared their desire for a world where harmony is the norm and where differences unite people. 

According to WHO, on average, more than 1.6 million people lose their lives due to gender, racial, religious and class motivated violence and armed conflict. But, over the years, people and communities worldwide have come together to combat violence and create a world where the message of love is the norm instead of hate. We at URI also believe that through our work and support of our cc’s, we will create a future together that these children desire and leave behind a world that will be more peaceful than before. 

Written by Aishi Mitra

Video Editing Credits- Sharanya Nair

Magic happens when our Cooperation Circles share beautiful values with the kids whose lives they touch, and bring the beautiful values and ideas from them to URI, multiplying the power of love, harmony, peace and humanity. Let us take a moment to listen to the children, understand how they find joy and peace in the little things they do and how they imagine the world to be like. We thank our dear members from Dwarka CC, Tronica City CC, Salwan PTA CC, Chahat NGO CC, Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya CC, Sangrur CC, My Perch CC, and all the other CCs. Your efforts in building cultures of peace, justice and healing are invaluable. We also thank URI North India team for making this possible.

United Religions Initiative Building cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.

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  1. Divya tyagi says:

    So amazing to see how well kids put their thoughts … Such a divine moment.

  2. Manisha Jain says:

    Great initiative 💐💐

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