Street View

Street View

A photo essay by Roohul Amin Munqaad

The Aged Shoe Shiner

 I asked him how much he made by stitching and shining shoes. He responded in quite a low tone, “I do not know how much I earn a day but whatever it is, it is well sufficient for a family of ten. I never lose hope and I am quite determined. Working in these harsh conditions is hard, but my hope in Allah keeps me going. These few bottles of shoe polish and a few brushes and thread, these tools are all I have, despite that, I am determined that my daughter and sons never sleep hungry. I believe Allah is the best giver, and one must not lose hope.”  

Shawls on the go 

 Afghanistan has a very rich culture and heritage. People from various parts of Afghanistan represent their culture and values in numerous ways. One shiny day, I had an opportunity to go on a road trip towards the eastern province of Afghanistan; Jalalabad. One can see so many mesmerising landscapes- the valleys and the high mountains, where water rushes therein. On the roadside, one may see vendors selling handmade shawls with beautiful embroidery designs. Selling shawls is a source of income for people living on the course of the route. The ones who are travelling to the eastern provinces surely stop by to buy these shawls.

Nabeel’s Book

Nabeel, a small kid aged six was selling oranges on the roadside along with his elder brother Shahid at Daronta in Jalalabad. It was Friday, a day off in Afghanistan, but while selling fruits, he held his book close and was diligently studying. His passion for education is remarkable. In a country like Afghanistan, people are striving hard to survive while fighting poverty and security issues at the same time. Hope for a better future and long-lasting peace is what keeps the Afghans going.

Cover Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash

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