World Interfaith Harmony Week 2021

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2021

Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week, February 1-7, 2021

Celebrating this year’s World Interfaith Harmony Week, promoting interfaith harmony, inclusion and diverse cultures, we present to you our plan for the worldwide celebratory week. 

Photography Competition 

DIASPORAS OF INDIA: Connecting, Contesting and Converging

The theme for the World Interfaith Harmony Week this year is ‘Diaspora’, being one of the most prominent and often controversial manifestations of increased globalization. The connection between migrants and people who have stayed at home has profound effects on societies in the country of origin and the country of destination, as well as on the diasporas themselves. India is a diverse country where diaspora from several countries, belonging to several faiths co-exist. We, at United Religions Initiative, North India and Afghanistan Zone, are organizing a photography competition to celebrate the spirit of World Interfaith Harmony Week and the diaspora communities. Through the photos that we will share, we aim to illustrate how diasporas connect with those back home, others in diaspora and more widely, the conflicting identities of diasporas; and how diasporas converge with other communities. The photography competition organized by URI North Zone hopes to bring out diverse cultures/ traditions/ food habits/ festivals/ other habits as they coexist and thrive in a foreign land. The winners of the competition will be announced during the celebrations of Interfaith Harmony Week.

Interfaith Movie Screening

During the Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations, we aspire to spark meaningful conversations on a community level and are organizing two such activities for the same. We are hosting a virtual interfaith film screening for our CC members and interns. The movie screening will be followed by a discussion that will broadly focus on the interfaith realities that exist around us today. The clippings are themed on identities that challenge the stereotypes, leading to an improved interfaith and intercultural understanding and striking conversations around the same.

Dialogue starts from the courageous willingness to know and be known by others. It is the painstaking and persistent effort to remove all obstacles that obscure our common humanity.”— Daisaku Ikeda

Chai pe Charcha 

The first step towards improved understanding and peace, be it at a personal, national or global level, is to engage in dialogue. Most people have not been able to meet in safe spaces during the pandemic, which is why we have developed a virtual safe space for you to connect, share and grow. We are glad to be hosting our very first Chai (tea) with Subhi during the Interfaith Harmony Week 2021. Chai pe Charcha will be an open call for CC members, interns and other stakeholders of URI, that will be conducted every month, starting February 2021. This monthly call is an informal and comfortable space to express your emotions, opinions and discuss burning questions on sensitive topics that are swept under the rug, often causing ignorance and hatred.

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