The Diaspora- A Force of Positive Change

The Diaspora- A Force of Positive Change

Children on foreign land, with nervous minds and curious hearts,

With diverse neighbours,

The utopia of differences,

And vivid memories.

In the world of fear and so much at stake,

The children of the earth find love and care.

They find uniqueness out and within,

And, togetherness wins.

With new cultures, homes, and deity,

Surrounding their own,

They play with care and spontaneity, 

With woven hearts and keen souls,

They are children of the diaspora.

Finding harmony in divide,

When they noticed the world around,

They were incisive beyond,

When cultures are celebrated on foreign land,

Children connect and share strength.

The bond they share,

With limitless warmth.

They create a common ground.

They are the communities built,

On foreign lands despite the gap,

The home away from home,

The lover’s dome,

The food they crave,

The culture they create,

It is a positive change.

They miss their home beyond the moon.

The home they create in the new dawn is fused with memory and vacuum of origin,

The love they crave and diversity they create,

With these children, the world can be great.

During the world interfaith harmony week, it’s these children to celebrate!

The uniqueness of faith is in harmony, and the role it plays to build a society that is inclusive of all.  The World Interfaith Harmony Week is a UN resolution for a worldwide celebratory week of interfaith harmony, that aims to promote harmony between all people, regardless of their faiths. The theme for this year is ‘The Diaspora- a Force of Positive Change.’ The diaspora plays an integral role in spreading cultural values and building community in a  foreign land; they can build bridges across the globe, through compassion. Their power lies in finding common ground and keeping differences aside to build a peaceful environment in a land that is not their own. On the occasion of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, let us celebrate peace, unity and the increased intercultural and interreligious acceptance that has been made possible because of the diaspora! 

By Ishita Dutta

Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash


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