It’s a Wrap!

It’s a Wrap!

Happy New Year 2021

Hope can be an elixir, a fountain of solace. In these testing times during the pandemic, when everything turned difficult, we, at URI North India and Afghanistan Regional Office, stepped forward to seek opportunities in these circumstances, to nurture hope- a light to shine through in distress and loneliness. ’YOUR’ encouragement, support and love have inspired ’US’ to build and sustain a more peaceful, just and inclusive society.

Here is our one-minute short memorable adieu to 2020, that commemorates the URI anniversary along with a sneak peek at our continuous pursuit to standing undefeated through the formidable year that 2020 has been. As we embark on a new journey towards 2021, we strongly recommit to our intent and practices in amplifying the grassroots voices, fostering love, harmony and hope, creating ripples of collective change for a better future. Join us as we welcome 2021 full of courage and enthusiasm!

We, at United Religions Initiative, North India & Afghanistan, wish you a very Happy New Year! May the miracles and joys of 2021 grace your lives!

The photographs used in the video are owned by URI North India.

Music by Mr Basit Jamal


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