This too Shall Pass

This too Shall Pass

 “This too shall pass” was a simple quote that I used to repeat to myself when the lockdown had just started. It was as if I wanted to desperately hold on to some kind of reassurance to feel safe. What amused me even more was the fact that attachment to hope was as ephemeral as the quote, like it was mocking me in some way.

As the days went by, I realised that I had to go out eventually because contrary to mental state of mind, the outside world moves on. I saw that even though the entire world had suddenly become topsy turvy, the liveliness of this small market hadn’t died. Of course, there are comparatively lesser number of people out on the streets but what made all this seem ‘normal’ were the vendors who didn’t stop working.

I was perplexed, in a way…even though I wanted to come out of this bubble of despair, I didn’t consider that the vendors or the shopkeepers out there didn’t really have a choice. Most of us don’t realise the significance of the privilege that we are born with and unconsciously/consciously choose to ignore.   

At that moment, I repeated the quote again.

By Paarth Pande

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