Purana Qila, Delhi

Purana Qila, Delhi

Human solidarities are only possible by emotional arousal revolving around positive emotions – love, happiness, satisfaction, caring, loyalty – and the mitigation of the power of negative emotions, or at least some negative emotions.

History never dies, remains present in the remnants of the past. It is upon us how we view history. Who built these beautiful structures? Monarchs or an unnamed anonymous someone? Do they have a history?

It’s difficult to imagine religion without the capacity to experience these emotional elaborations – in the form of history; for the same reason it’s difficult to imagine close social groups without them: such an emotional palette binds us to one another at a visceral level. History binds us together!

A Pictorial Journey

Talaqi Darwaza
Bada Darwaza
Sher Mandal
Qila-I-Kuhna Mosque
Mihrab inside the Mosque
Inside the Mosque

By Ishita Kukreti