My Mind in Times of Turmoil

My Mind in Times of Turmoil

12:01- I lay in bed,
01:03- I lay in bed,
03:09- I lay in bed,
The Holy Trinity,
Revered by fear manifested in my life,
It rolls my tongue into an awkward position,
With rigidity in its joints and inflexibility in its bones
There is motion inside my still body,
The lurching, the swirling, the registering by bile
That my mind will/ is going through this rollercoaster
Again, and again and again
Why do I condone this torture?
I am scared, that’s who I am
What will happen to them and me?
About my voice and its quill
About the war that wages outside my door
And the one that wages within,
My feelings anger me and more do their words.
I am scared.
After all, aren’t we all?

~Gauri Sinha

Photograph by Prashansa Singh

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