“What is peace for you?”: Connotations of Concord

Taking a stroll on a busy street as the sun was setting, I met an employeeHe looked worn out and dull, “What is peace for you?”, I asked him coylyScratching his head, he pondered for a while and said peace of mindRelief from bouts of stress in this daily grind. I marched forward and had…
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“एक अच्छे घर की लड़की”

~ शिवानी त्रिपाठी Photo by Mariana JM on Unsplash Cover Photo by Gita Krishnamurti on Unsplash

My Mind in Times of Turmoil

12:01- I lay in bed,01:03- I lay in bed,03:09- I lay in bed,The Holy Trinity,Revered by fear manifested in my life,It rolls my tongue into an awkward position,With rigidity in its joints and inflexibility in its bonesThere is motion inside my still body,The lurching, the swirling, the registering by bileThat my mind will/ is going…
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क्या हो तुम युवा?

उन फटे मैले कपड़े पहने शिक्षा से वंचित बच्चों को चौराहे पर नंगे पैर देख, कुछ करने को जी चाहता है, तो अभी युवा हो तुम। उन करोड़ों मजदूरों के परिवारों की शाम की खाली थाली देख, दिल पसीज जाता है, तो अभी युवा हो तुम। देखकर मां, बहनों, बेटियों की कोठों पर नीलामी, आंखें…
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~ By Gauri Sinha Grief is absurd. You cannot blame her for falling upon the threshold of your being with the most unexpected excuses, for it is her habit, but this was not supposed to happen, not now, not in the summer of 1952. Baba, aged 59, lay in the middle of the room, eyes…
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हम एक हैं

सत्य ही तो श्रेष्ठ है,संतो और सूफियों की इच्छाओं में जेष्ठ है। चाहे रास्ते हो सभी के भिन्न-भिन्न,पर ढूंढ रहे सभी सत्य की दिशा में जाने वाले पद चिन्ह। ज्ञान से समृद्ध वहीं जो समझ सका इतना ही,कि सत्य ही तो धर्म है और सभी धर्मों में ही सत्य है। ना कोई मनुष्य अगल ना…
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What is in a Prayer Ceremony?

Short answer: a lot. But let’s take the long route for once, shall we? I had finished the fifth grade at a local school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and entered a missionary-run one in the sixth, thanks to my nagging set of parents who had pulled me out of my carefully built friendships for the usual…
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Ode to Grandpa

Disclaimer: This is not my own grandfather. Grandpa, or Gramps, or Dadu, I used to call this man. He was a humble father of four, one of these four was my father’s friend from childhood. Grandpa’s life was full of struggle – and it was something that was always passed on to me by my…
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By Gauri Sinha While attempting to understand the Indian social demography, one is forced to confront the vast number of labourers participating in the country’s economy. They often migrate either from their villages to urban centres pregnant with opportunities of employment or from their native state to another where opportunities hold better benefits. This has…
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