My Mind in Times of Turmoil

12:01- I lay in bed,01:03- I lay in bed,03:09- I lay in bed,The Holy Trinity,Revered by fear manifested in my life,It rolls my tongue into an awkward position,With rigidity in its joints and inflexibility in its bonesThere is motion inside my still body,The lurching, the swirling, the registering by bileThat my mind will/ is going…
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Mental First Aid- STOP! Trivialising the Nontrivial

~ By Khushi Koul Mental illness is ubiquitous and yet, is the ‘elephant in the room’. The perilous combination of uncertainty, apprehension and economic insecurity, has induced hopelessness amongst the masses, pushing them into a state of vulnerability. It becomes all the more important during this global pandemic to TALK about mental health and make…
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COVID-19 and Worsening Mental Health

By Devyanshi Gairola The widespread outbreak and prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to the significant worsening of pre-existing mental health conditions in a multitude of ways. Ever since the beginning of the unprecedented virus, there have been a plethora of disruptive alterations in our lifestyles. To begin with, the simplest of joys in…
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