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The moss sitting fat over rocks are spectators, To the love affair of the sea and the land Their romance houses itself in the clouds, It pours down on the imitation gems of the ocean,  It is the language of mirage and the dialect of hope, And oh! their celebratory nuptials, The sound of this…
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जंगल की शाम

सितारों में डूबने को लो शाम चली,चांदनी सी चमकने को लो शाम चली। सूरज सर झुका कर चांद को न्योता दे रहा है,कहकर चला गया कि, मैं विश्राम करता हूं अब तुम संभालो साथी मेरे । पर सूर्य सा तेज चंद्रमा में भला कहाँ था,पशु पक्षी अंधेरे को सामने देख भय से कंपकंपाने लगे, वृक्षों…
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The Day When This Will Be Over

By Sharanya Have you made promises to your loved ones that you would make sure to embrace each moment you spent with them post lockdown? Have you equipped yourself with a list of things you would do, once this quarantine comes to an end? I am sure you have. If not, let me talk about…
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“What is peace for you?”: Connotations of Concord

Taking a stroll on a busy street as the sun was setting, I met an employeeHe looked worn out and dull, “What is peace for you?”, I asked him coylyScratching his head, he pondered for a while and said peace of mindRelief from bouts of stress in this daily grind. I marched forward and had…
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By Gauri Sinha This year has been an experience in its own self, unlike any year the present inhabitants of this earth have lived through barring your general population of vampires, wizards, and witches! A year so difficult it has unearthed many problems boiling over in our society such as the concern over human rights…
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Life in a Bubble

By Devyanshi Gairola As one grows up, the holes that exist in our knowledge of the world start to fill up. We didn’t even know that these holes existed until we started filling them, first unconsciously, and then consciously. We will continue to fill these holes for the majority of our lifetimes. Some of us…
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The Inclusive Edge: Tapping into the Faith Dimension to Accelerate Nature Actions for a Sustainable Future

#faith4earthdialogue With the rapid advancement in the global environmental crisis at an unprecedented rate, URI along with UNEP, recently undertook an initiative with Faith-Based Organizations and interfaith platforms to spread mass awareness on environmental emergencies that our human race is confronted with.  On September 10 2020, we revisited the faith dimension to accelerate nature-based actions for a sustainable future, over…
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Newsletter 2020- ‘Dhwani’

2020 marks a special year with the United Nations celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Resolution on Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, but also with URI  turning 20, recommitting and renewing their efforts to foster cultures of peace, justice and healing for all beings and Mother Earth. Additionally, 2020 being the Diamond Jubilee year…
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“एक अच्छे घर की लड़की”

~ शिवानी त्रिपाठी Photo by Mariana JM on Unsplash Cover Photo by Gita Krishnamurti on Unsplash

My Mind in Times of Turmoil

12:01- I lay in bed,01:03- I lay in bed,03:09- I lay in bed,The Holy Trinity,Revered by fear manifested in my life,It rolls my tongue into an awkward position,With rigidity in its joints and inflexibility in its bonesThere is motion inside my still body,The lurching, the swirling, the registering by bileThat my mind will/ is going…
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