“What is peace for you?”: Connotations of Concord

“What is peace for you?”: Connotations of Concord

Taking a stroll on a busy street as the sun was setting, I met an employee
He looked worn out and dull, “What is peace for you?”, I asked him coyly
Scratching his head, he pondered for a while and said peace of mind
Relief from bouts of stress in this daily grind.

I marched forward and had an encounter with a lady, beautiful and young
Asked her about her definition of tranquillity, she meekly said, as the doorbell rung,
“I wish I get to see my husband”, who’s guarding our border
Ensuring national security, risking his life for our pride against any intruder.

Next, I met Hamid, a little boy aged ten, and posed the same question
With a sparkle in his innocent eyes, he said “Oiling against friction”
“My friend Hiren loves ammi’s kheer, and I love auntie’s halwa, I want him to visit home frequently”
He insinuated the tension and hostility between religions of the human community.

I halted at a beverage stall, to sip a cup of hot brewing tea
A petite girl in a patched and torn frock, with a tray in her hand, walked towards me
Her reply stirred up a thousand emotions in me, she did not know what is peace
All she wanted was to shelter herself and her brother, in a small quarter on lease.

Then I crossed paths with a boy my age
His contentment is his art, his stage
The pandemic deprived him of the opportunities to perform
To the new norm of being boxed between four bricked walls, he does not want to conform.

A mother supported by her walking stick had a wrinkled and withered face
“My peace lies with my kids”, she said with grace
I met her outside an old age home, that is the irony
A tornado of questions swirled in my head, feeling her agony.

As I trod on, I met a doctor, strained and dejected
God’s avatar, known for saving lives, but today, he has to leave patients rejected
In the absence of adequate health infrastructure, they are facing the trolley problem
A dilemma of whom to save and whom to let go snatched a sense of satisfaction from them.

For me, peace is all of the aforementioned people getting to live their definition of it
Because it is the bare minimum, and they deserve every bit
I wish in the post-Covid world, we become bigger and better
We run towards our goals, take our pauses, no masks, just the wind and us, and each, becomes a go-getter.

I wish peace exists for the mind, within homes, between communities, inside nations and across the globe
Hate spewing on any ground should be subject to probe
We should make sure religion is what it was: faith, festivities and tradition
Let us not become prey to political capitalization.

Let us spin conversations around mental health
Since peace of mind is the ultimate wealth
Let us stand firm and strong against domestic violence
Ensuring abodes are safe havens behind that fence.

Till the date world peace is not a pipe dream anymore, I will persist
When territorial disputes, desire to become a hegemony, greed to get hold of more resources do not exist
Let us responsibly take care of our family: Our world, with truce, amidst all strife
We are going to live the best of our life.

By Khushi Koul

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